Beautiful Additions is registered in the System for Award Management (SAM) and can support federal, state, and local government agencies, as well as private, for-profit, and non-profit organizations.

Beautiful Additions Inc established in 2007 is a premier and innovative training company that specializes in interactive training, executive coaching, online learning solution delivery and job placement. Our advanced educational training programs and products are designed to meet the unique needs of each of these groups.

For government agencies, we offer customized training solutions that meet industry standards and procurement regulations. Our flexible scheduling options and online training modules make it easy for agencies to provide their employees with the advanced beauty training they need to excel in their roles. We are fully compliant with government procurement regulations and can support agencies in their contracting needs.

For private, for-profit, and non-profit organizations, we offer a range of training programs and products.  Our customized training solutions are tailored to meet the unique requirements of each organization, ensuring that employees are equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

At Beautiful Additions, we are committed to providing exceptional service to our clients, regardless of their industry or sector. We understand the importance of meeting the unique needs of each organization, and we are dedicated to delivering customized solutions that meet their specific requirements.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your organization's beauty training and product needs.