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Curly Hair Styling Training (1-day)

Curly Hair Styling Training (1-day)

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Curly Class #1
Curly Class #2
Curly Class #3
Master the BA Hairstyling techniques for taming Wavy, Curly and Coiled hair.
Upon completion of our extensive 1 day 7-hour course, you will be awarded a professional certificate of completion and receive materials and aids.

Learn the art, methods/techniques of embracing all types of wavy, curly and coiled hair.
•Product knowledge
•Maintenance of textured hair
•Chemical options for curly or coiled hair.
•Wet styling
•Blowdrying techniques
•Flat iron design

Pro styling kit includes: 
Mannequin. BA Styling products. Denman brush. Comb. Sectioning clips. Round brush. Diffuser.
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