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V-Light Hair Extension kit

V-Light Hair Extension kit

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Meet the innovative V-LIGHT Hair Extension Machine. It uses advanced technology to provide perfect and seamless hair extensions quickly. This machine can attach a full extensions quickly with an 10-second curing process. It's small, easy to use, and comes with an auto shut-off feature for extra convenience.

The V-LIGHT technology makes hair extension easy, removing the need for special skills. Just apply the right amount of V-LIGHT resin adhesive to the hairpiece, attach it to your natural hair, and use the V-light to treat the connection for about 10 seconds. This quick and easy method ensures a secure, comfortable fit that completely changes your look. A video tutorial with application and removal is included. Upgrade your hair extension method with V-LIGHT's fast, simple, and safe technology.

These extensions are designed to be very light, making them comfortable to wear and look like part of your natural hair. You can also combine V-Light extensions with other hair extension techniques like Micro-links, K-Tips, and Tape-ins to tailor the volume and style according to your preferences. 

V-Light Hair Extension Kit includes FREE shipping:

  • Premium V-Light Device
  • Practice I-Tip Hair
  • V-UV Barrier
  • V-Light Comb
  • V-Light Barrier
  • Clear & Black Adhesive with pin tops
  • V-Light Removal Tool
  • V-Light Removal Lotion
  • Hair Extension Bracelet
  • Hair Stickers
  • Video Tutorial



Shipping is FREE and your order will be processed and shipped 7-10 days after purchase.

How do I remove V-LIGHT Hair Extensions?

To remove V-LIGHT Hair Extensions, use our V-light Removal lotion and  Removal Tool. You will receive a video tutorial after your purchase showing  quick and easy application and removal.

How long do V-LIGHT Hair Extensions last?

V-LIGHT Hair Extensions last about 6 to 8 weeks, which is a great benefit. They grow out with your natural hair. BA recommends replacing your extensions every 6 to 8 weeks to keep them looking perfect and working well.

Will the adhesive damage my hair?

Here's a breakdown of the chemicals listed in the adhesive and their potential effects on hair or skin:

  1. Acrylic (ester) copolymer (30%) - This is a common ingredient in hair styling products. It forms a film on hair to hold it in place but is not known to damage hair.

  2. 4-Acryloylmorpholine (20%) - Generally used as a film-forming agent in cosmetics. It’s considered safe for use in the concentrations typically found in cosmetics and is not known to harm hair.

  3. Tetrahydrofurfuryl acrylate (35%) - Used in adhesives and coatings, it can be a potential irritant to skin and eyes in its raw form but should be safe once polymerized in the product. There isn't much information on its specific effects on hair.

  4. N,N-dimethylacrylamide (5%) - Known for its use in polymers. While it might be a mild irritant, it is generally safe in finished products and unlikely to damage hair.

  5. Photoinitiator (5%) - This component helps the glue cure (harden) quickly when exposed to light. Photoinitiators are not known to harm hair, but they can be irritants to skin and eyes before curing.

  6. Pyrogenic silica (5%) - Also known as fumed silica, used as a thickener or absorbent. It is not harmful to hair and is generally considered safe for use in cosmetics.

The label notes that this product has passed EU CE (RoHS/POCE) quality and safety certifications, indicating that it meets safety standards for health and environmental impacts. However, it is recommended to use this product in a ventilated area to minimize potential irritation from vapors or dust.

It is also advised for users who have allergies or sensitive skin to perform a patch test before fully using the product. This involves applying a small amount of the product to the skin and waiting to see if there is an adverse reaction.

The chemicals in the resin glue are typical of those found in many cosmetic adhesives and are not likely to damage your hair. However, care should be taken to avoid skin irritation, especially if you have sensitive skin or allergies.


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